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1, To call someone a Hamda Jama is to refer to someone who has numerous loser boyfriends and leads them all on for free food and lifts

2, Someone who has dated every loser in dodgy surburbian West London areas, e'g Hounslow and Southall
Girl no 1 - Who is that loser you are with
Girl 2 - oh he's just someone who gets me food and lifts
Girl 1 - You're such a Hamda..!!

Hounslow boy - Give me your digits
Hamda Jama girl - Only if you give me a ride and food
Hounslow boy - I'm only on job seekers allowance and no car
Hamda Jama girl - then you can forget about it, I don't want no scrub..!!
by Ayan Ismail January 15, 2007
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