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Person that plays Halo and accuses everyone of hacking or cheating in someway. Tragically they carry this habit into all games they play and continue to yell into the mic about everything that is happening to them because others are cheating, noobs, suck and/or are fags, when in actuality it is because they suck and can't take blame for their own shortcomings.
My neighbor is such a halo kid, all i hear is that he is the king of halo and he only loses because everyone else is hacking fags.

would some one tell the halo kid on our team to stfu and turn off his mic so i don't have to hear his bitching
by tidiliwomp April 01, 2010
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A kid in his pre-teens who got really obsessed with Halo, a lot like the Star Wars Kid. (This kid might be from Canada too.) He created full size, cardboard models of every weapon in the Halo series as well as the body armor. He then uploaded videos of himself onto Youtube where he would demonstrate playing with them, with perfect reloading an tea-bagging imitations. Sadly, he skipped school one day to imitate Halo in his back yard with a real .22 caliber rifle and accidentally shot himself in the head.
OMG, watch the Halo Kid videos on Youtube!

The story of the Halo Kid makes a strong argument against allowing kids to play violent video games.
by /_7 September 11, 2008
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