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A guy challenges a girl to a halloween fuck game. Typically the challenge should go through a middle man or a friend so the girl doesnt know who it is. If she agrees then:
1. On one of the 13 days before Halloween the guy will ring the girls doorbell, leaves a message saying "Let the Fuck Game Begin," and runs and hides
2. Girl will change into loose fitting clothes and then come out and look for the guy
3. The guy's goal is to sneak up behind the girl, strip her, and get his penis in either her ass or her pussy and his hands on her cunt or breasts without her seeing his face or guessing who he is.
4. Girl's goal is to either spot the guy before he gets near her or see his face and guess his name before he completes his goal.
If guy completes his goal then he gets to fuck her right then and there for as long as he wants.
If girl completes her goal then she gets to demand some form of sexual favor. Most girls demand to be eaten out so that the guy doesn't enjoy his loss. Although some girls still like to get fucked anyways

note: should be done at night when no one is out and watching
I had a friend who passed my message of the Halloween Fuck Game to this really hot girl (blond hair, D cups, tight ass, and i later discovered a tight pussy too) who ended up agreeing. I left the note on her doorstep and rang the doorbell. and she came out in some tiny spandex shorts and a tight tank top (which was cheating although i didnt mind since i could tell she wasnt wearing a bra which just got me hard and made my goal easier). I was hiding in this big bush and she didnt even think someone could hide in there. so when she walked around it, i came out of the bush and right up behind her without her hearing me. I pulled her spandex down real quick, bent her over, shoved my dick in her ass, got some fingers in her pussy, and got a hand on those amazing breasts. I ended up fucking her for about 15 minutes before she even knew who i was. Although i got a variety of other positions after she knew who i was. We ended up spending an hour and a half in the bushes.
by Bobby Heimen November 04, 2007
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