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Halerizer Deluxe 3000 is a combination sex maneuver where the man drops a Cleveland Steamer on the women's breasts. The poop allows for an easy titty fuck. After he finishes on her chin, causing a white streak to resemble the facial hair style of a flavour savor, he takes his dirty penis and applies a Dirty Sanchez using it as if it were a paint brush or pencil. She then proceeds to lick her breasts clean of all fecal matter. Once finish she will appear to have a brown mustache and a white flavour savor from her mouth to her chin.
Dane performed a Hallerizer Deluxe 3000 on his girlfriend Ally. Needless to say she became sick the next day from consuming human feces.
by Clysidious McMurphy March 28, 2007
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