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While drinking a tall can of half lemonade and half tea you save a child from drowning at the local pool, while still holding and keeping your drink ok during the rescue. - Half of your attention is on the child, Half is on your Half-n-Half.
Lifeguard 1: Chit-Chat
Lifeguard 2: Chit-Chat

(Child falls in pool)

Man: "Dang!" (jumping into pool. phone still in pocket. Half-n-Half still in hand)

(Man pulls up drowning child to pool edge)

Woman: "You saved my drowning child!"

Grandma: "Thank you sir! You pulled a Half-n-Half Save"

Man: Huh?

Grandma: "You saved your Half-n-Half while saving my granddaughter. Half of your attention was on the rescue and half was on your Half-n-Half!"

Man: "No Problem-o"
by jsanctuary13 May 21, 2011
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