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A cave dwelling short round portly man who enjoys sporting his enormous thigh perm while in the company of a vampire chick, at which time he is attempting to slay the dragon, being careful not to allow any blood to miss his mouth and hit the floor, while playing with his purple headed yogurt slinger. After preserving the dragons blood in his fat round belly he attempts a Princess Leia in the company of a hairy gremlin that just slid down a stripper pole in an effort to escape from a hairy gorilla that was last seen eating a jungle biscuit near a man with a cat stuck in his grill that just purchased a chili dog from an anonymous fence jumping hobbit who was last seen sucking the salt from a big fat juicy pickle while using the rear entrance to the local adult book store.
Hey did you see that hairy hobbit scurry across the street and try to jump in the back door of that guys car while he wasn’t looking.
by Publious1969 April 18, 2010
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