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N. The hair-do where a girl takes all of her hair and wads it up into a crazy, messy bun on top of her head and secures it with an elastic. Often seen in combination with the headband and bobby pins to secure crazy bangs.

This hair-do is popular:
1. on days a girl hasn't washed her hair.
2. on the way back from the gym.
3. at the pool.
4. when sleeping.
5. on those days where she just feels like wearing baggy clothes and no make-up.

This hair-do has also been referred to as:
1. The Blow Job Nob
2. The Bob Nob
3. The Care-Free Messy Bun (This is what teen magazines like to call it, but we all know it really should be called the "I feel like crap. Leave me and my hair alone.")
1. Yeah. I didn't have time to look good this morning, so I threw on some gym shorts and decided it was appropriate to rock the hair nugget.

2. Oh my Gosh. She is the only girl I've ever seen that looks cute with the hair nugget. She can pull off anything.

3. Do you have a bobby pin? My bangs are too short to stay attached to the rest of the hair nugget.
by red99durango November 16, 2010
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