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Ha Bisky was Rock's catch phrase in the popular Youtube mini series, Rock Sock and Robot, or RSR for short. This was RSR # 30, their 30th episode. Ha Bisky can mean any word in any sentence.
I will Ha Bisky you in the FACE!

Did you see janette yesterday? She looked Ha Bisky!

Yesterday i went to Ha Bisky to Ha Bisky to everyone who was using Ha Bisky.
by ..::Matt::.. August 21, 2009
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Commonly mistaken with Ha bisky; it is a word used by Jory Caron on YouTube to describe a good time, his awesomeness, or someone else's awesomeness. It is most commonly said in Jory's series "Jory opens mail and shit".
*Opens letter*
Dear Jory, the king of HAAABISKY!!
I love your show's and all of their habiskyness.
by LOLOLO0LOLO0oOLOoLOlOL July 24, 2011
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(See Also: Ha-Bisky, HaBisky)
Ha Bisky is both a noun, verb, adjective, and exclamation. It can be used to replace any word in a sentence, though it doesn't exactly translate into any one word (see example).

Ha Bisky was originally coined by AngryFilmsProduction, RSR #30: HA BISKY on Youtube.
1: Hey man, wanna head down to the pizza place? I heard they got some new calzone.
2: Sounds like a ha bisky idea!

note that "ha bisky" in this sentence could mean a number of things, for instance "great", "cool", or "good".
by Percival Sweetwater III June 19, 2011
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