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Huge Red Flag-

adjective- often used to describe events that are not ok, out of control, stupid, fucking hilarious, ridiculous, insane, or just plain crazy.

When using “huge red flag” make sure to have a dramatic pause, and emphasis on the HUGE. For example: After a night of drinking and bar hopping, your friend wakes up and says “Guys… did we even make it out last night”? This is a ..(dramatic pause) .. HUGE red flag!!!

Now with this said, a “huge red flag” is NEVER a bad thing. In most cases a “HUGE red flag”, turns out to be a …. “HUGE success”. And feel free to use these statements interchangeably as you see fit.

“Huge red flag” could also be used as a noun. For example: if your friend who 6’7 is caught wearing a red fitted along with a long red tee, and red sneakers to match, he has now inadvertently become a... HUGE red flag, and has allowed you the opportunity for the rest of the night, to refer to him as a ... HUGE red flag.

(used as an adjective)-
"Trying to fight a guy simply because he is on crutches and talking to your friend is a... HUGE red flag!!!!"

"Finding you in my bed passed out, snoring, wearing my clothes and farting under my sheets is a...HUGE red flag."

(used as a noun)-
"Do you see that 6'7 fuck wearing all red? Tonight, he is a ... HUGEEEE red flag!"

(used interchangably) -
"Doing the cat walk in a bar where no one else is dancing is a ... HUGE red flag, that turned out to be a ... HUGE success."
by RED FLAG WORLDWIDE February 28, 2010
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