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A group of gay high school boys sitting in a square or triangle formation brutally caressing their 2 cm long wieners for eachother. While this is happening, each member of the gypsy jerk will most likely be bitching about thier day. A gypsy jerk is also sometimes used as an alternate name for the initiation of this gay gypsy trifecta group. This has slight similarities to the circle jerk.
Jay: Hey guys! It's been a long day of playing super mario bros. All I want to do is stroke your small pee-pee.

Richard: That sounds delightfull! We also should also intensely touch eachothers moobs with a pleasuring state of mid.

Cody: Ok well lets have a gypsy jerk then. Would it be ok if I brought Adam and Jack?

Jay: Sure, I have always wanted to get my hands on Adams chode, and Jack's Jew dick.
by gypsy moderfuker January 03, 2012
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