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The act of faking an orgasm to shoot man jam into a womans face and or mouth, preferably initiated from the doggy-style position.

After banging until your close to exploding, pinch it off (for later use) spit on her back, and pretend your all out of man-o-naise. The woman, thinking you are done dominating her va-jag, will turn around and try to initiate lame after sex tard talk. Seize the moment to unleash your spooge in the facial area.
Guy- I had this skeeza that didn't want to swallow so I told her its no problem
Friend- well, what happened?
Guy- Bro Chi Mihn, what do you think? I hit her with the Gypsy Fake Out. Probably swallowed a gallon :)
Friend- God i want to be you
by TuhJuh April 23, 2010
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