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The dumb person; The idiot; Sweaty buttmunch clueless to other people actually exist; The retard paying for a year membership that soon will quit working out in about 2 weeks-because they realize it's not easy being fit "ass gasket", who moves your towel off of the equipment where you obviously left it- to indicate your using the equipment still or when your waiting to be next, they are oblivious to your towel hung over the machine; your keys; cell phone or any other personal belongings laying there; while you refill your bottle or get a drink of water.
What the F&*^%? You dumb or something? Move it Gym rookie!

That towel means someone is using the equipment you dumb gym rookie.

Hey gym rookie, I didn't ask if you wanted to work in with me.

Hey! I was on this machine!! You stupid or something?!

I was next you dumb ass. Can't you see my shit here?

Helpful hints to Gym rookies:

Survey the area and wait a couple minutes if there's stuff near or on the equipment, don't move it. You might get bitch slapped or kicked in the balls while your doing flys.

Driving your BMW or Mercedes like you own the road concept doesn't work in the gym.

Stay home and buy a Bowflex and a treadmill.

Cancel your membership if you don't figure it out by the time you read this part.
by Vigilanty June 21, 2009
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