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1. An act, sexual in nature, that requires complete darkness. The giver, defined here as the "Moto", strategically situates himself behind the receiver also known as the "Perp" and without removing any clothes exposes his male genitalia through the "man-hole"(fly) of his pants. After bending the Perp over a chair, the Moto opens a Field and Stream magazine on the Perps back, thus arousing the Moto. Eye contact is strictly prohibited and the ensuing intercourse is to last no longer than three minutes. The act of Gwozdz is not deemed complete until the pages of said literature are glued together via baby butter.

2. A lethargic dark dwelling beast whose main interests in life are bigotry, racism, male dominance, "W.", upkeep of the freedom bunker, truck exhaust and justice.

3. One who overcompensates for his lack of masculinity by purchasing a large Chevy pickup complete with three steel truck-bed toolboxes, installing a ridiculously loud exhaust system, and sitting in his truck revving his engine until he has wasted a full tank of gas. Long live "W".
1. "That bitch looks good, but not quite good enough for me to give her the Gwozdz."
2. "You are a Gwozdz too? Good, for a moment I thought I was the only one who hated blacks, Jews, Chinese, Mexicans, and Catholics."
3. "Who's that douchebag with the Toyota Prius? What liberal pussy. That guy is definitely not a Gwozdz."
by Top This Pizza November 05, 2006
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