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The most asshat school next to Argyle. It's full of wanna be gangsters otherwise known as wiggers. The teaching staff is a force of Nazis determined to rape your life. The security guard, aka bullshit parking lot cop, at this school is a egg headed walking cock from the sewer system of a rats ass. Everyone at this school is a pot head, junkie, or candy kid.
"Is this hell?"

"No, this is Guyer High School."


"Is he an actual gangster?"

"No, he goes to Guyer."
by Kerard March 10, 2009
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A Top-Notch school, with excellent teachers, staff, and coaches. The students are taught very well. The athletic program surpasses many other schools. Truly an example of a shining program.
Person 1: Did you hear my school made it to state the first year of 5AAAAA?

Person 2: Wow! You must be attending Guyer High School.
by Thuggin' Love February 28, 2011
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