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The sensation a girl gets on a date when sexual excitement and anticipation combine to cause the involuntary release of vaginal lubricating fluid, the volume of which cannot be retained and absorbed by the gusset of her panties/knickers.
"Come on Joanne, how was your date with Bobby last night? Did you go make out?!"

"Oh Alice, it was just great - we had dinner at the Bar and Grill on Washingon Square and then went for a drive around the city in his Dad's Ferrari . We'd been flirting and at the first lights Bobby started to hold my knee and then he moved up my thigh , and I realised that he wanted to make out. He kept going higher, squeezing and stroking under my dress, and then I felt some serious gussetrickle and started worrying about my dress and his Dad's leather seats. By the time we got to his folks place I had a patch on the back of my dress and the seat was soaked. Brian was so unfazed - he used his neckerchief to dry the seat and asked if I had any spanties to wear." Luckily I had some in my bag, so I slipped them on before we went in to meet his Mom and Dad."

"Bobby's great - I hope you didn't leave your date panties in the Ferrari for his dad to find!?"

"Oh Alice, I can hardly bear to tell you- I was so embarassed, he asked to keep them - wheoever heard of giving snuff panties after a first date?"
by Katie4eyes June 13, 2018
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