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The sexual position involving the anal doggystyle position while the recipient has explosive diahhrea. In theory, once the giver pulls out, the receiver's ass would give way causing massive amounts of sticky sewer chili to explode all over the place.
Rod: Hey how was your date with Josie?

Todd: It was awesome, first we got dinner at taco bell, then we went to her apartment. Luckily her mom wasn't home, so we fucked on her mom's bed. It was pretty messy afterwards.

Rod: Eeeww, she was on the rag?

Todd: No, she had diahhrea from the taco bell we ate. It flared up while she was letting me give her anal.

Rod: Haha yall did the gun packet?

Todd: Yeah. There was shit all over her moms bed when I left, so I don't think I'm allowed over there anymore!
by Mick the Dick October 12, 2011
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