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A well balanced combination of the Valve FPS game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive's weapon case system and skins system, and the weapons of the Valve FPS game: Team Foretess 2. This update to the game has been thought to try to help Team Fortress's trading appeal to some Counter Strike: Global Offensive traders. Adding 3 new maps and finishing a promised one (the snowplow was a lie!) Snowplow, Borneo, Powerhouse, and Suijun this gave Team Fortress 2 players a little something to chew on.
*random steam guy with #TF:GO at end of name*: "It's time to test my Gun Mettle in this new Gun Mettle update."

*another random guy*: "Wow this really made up for the E.T.O.L update!"
by thatoldguyoverthere August 24, 2015
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