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Slang for Montgomery, Alabama. In terms of weed: south side has that killa shit (the best), west and nawf side got that good shit, and the east side has all that expensive name brand shit if you can find it, other than that, east side aint got shit for real. In terms of crime: west and nawf side gonna shoot it out all day long, south side does them drive-by's, and the east side is most likely where you will get robbed. Rappers: King South, Deuce Komradz, Eldorado Red, Killa Katt, Fathead, Small Tyme Ballaz, Big Hulk and a shit ton of others. Also known as the South Eastern Circle
Im from Gump Town where the cops out number the people and we stay x'ed out all night long.
by ssbloods December 18, 2009
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