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Another name for the University of Alabama football at Tuscaloosa (UAT) fan base, referencing the Oscar winning movie Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks who plays main character Forrest Gump. Born mentally challenged (IQ of 75) in rural Alabama, Gump was known for his blazing speed. It was noticed by Paul "Bear" Bryant (or "God" as far as bammers are concerned) as Gump ran straight through a scrimmage. Bryant promptly offered him a scholarship to go to school and play football at Alabama despite his low IQ. Gump excelled with his speed alone despite his lack of intelligence and general lack of understanding of the game. Gump was worshipped by the Alabama football fan base almost as much as God (Bear Bryant). "Gump Nation" is now primarily used pejoratively to poke fun at the Alabama football fan bases generally low intelligence, redneck trailer trash culture, and religious following of their favorite football team often renouncing their faith (Alabama football) after a loss.
"Most of Gump Nation didn't actually ever attend UAT, they were simply born in Alabama and like the football team because it shares the same name as their state of birth."

"Gump Nation, a very devout Christian bunch, regards Bear Bryant as God and Nick Saban as Jesus."

"The official rally cry of the University of Alabama is "Roll Tide", pronounced "Row Tahd!" by Gump Nation.
by ausomedude February 23, 2010
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