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A deity of the hood, reigning over all the lesser kings of the hood. A Gully God's main role is to oversee all gangsta activity within their ends and to ensure that the rule of the ghetto is rigorously enforced. Philosophers have argued that due to the enigmatic nature of the rule of the ghetto the Gully God's role is nearly - if not wholly - purposeless.

The current residing Gully God is Charles Tomlin. In late 2005 his capability to perform the role was questioned when, at an inquisition over 50 Cent's role in 'being pimp' he judged 50 Cent's pimp hand 'way strong' when, arguably, it merited only an above average or cracker slapper rating.
Examples of a Gully God's duty may include:


Choking a bitch

Getting up in your grill
by Gully God October 27, 2008
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