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A medical ailment that is a result of playing the rock guitar simulator game for hours on end. It most often leaves the left hand cramped in the shape it took to press the coloured buttons, which resembles an odd claw, with the lightning speed and precision needed to beat friends in a 'pro face off' or complete career mode on hard. It is often accompanied by guitar hero tripping.
This is a small price to play for victory over friends and family.
'Flip Marc, we've just beat the co-op mode of Guitar Hero 3, now we have opened Strokes- Reptilia & Beastie Boys: Sabotage- that's Wizard!'

'Yes but it is 4 hours of our lives we will never get back and I do have nasty case of Guitar Hero claw.'

'True...and the carpet has started to move too...that's not normal!'
by Chris Dangerous Long May 12, 2008
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