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A tall, slender, athletic, very attractive, Caucasian man with long hair (usually dread locked), a long burly beard, a curmudgeony and sour yet, charming and funny disposition, refined taste, and an above average iq. They are usually loyal, slightly elitist and fussy (especially when bothered).They complain constantly and like to be left alone. They are as aware of their own short comings as they are of every one else's and tend to use alcohol, marijuana and other recreational pharmaceuticals to cope with their loathing for most of humanity. They are usually found living in the Rocky Mountain regions of the United States but migratory patterns show that they occasionally wander into in the Mid-West and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States.
I know he has his faults, but I really love the Grumpy Yeti.

Yes, I will pick up the Grumpy Yeti before I head to the show.
by Deadhead Mountain Girl July 08, 2010
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