A beast of Korean descent that is only able to travel on its guts or stomach. Using its legs as rudders it slowly clutters along whilst scraping its underbelly on the ground. A Ground Klutz easily evolves into a traffic slug when attempting to cross a road. Ground Klutz’s maintain a strict diet of Mc Donald's Frozen Coke and Menz Fruit Chocks; this enables the Klutz to continue its horrific hormonal educed rage. This rage is much like an EMP Missile, but instead of disabling all electronic equipment in vicinity, all nearby living creatures are Klutz upon with verbal slander, horrific claw attacks and psychological ensembles. The Klutz may also attain a bond with a victim of the opposite sex and of any species, harvesting all assets and creating a plasma shield that ensures an eternal bond against the victims will.
"Hey mummy, how come bowl's of rice can walk, oh never mind that’s a Ground Klutz with a Versace handbag. What a star! Just like Sarah Jessica Parker!"
by alpinesorcery February 15, 2009
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