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The best website ever. You can get information on the following: tips for success, realized, fact, definitions, to do lists, and signs that thigns aren't going so well. A bit of sarcasm, a little truth, and a lot of humor.
Grouchy Rabbit includes these everyday bits and pieces of knowledge:

Signs That Things Aren't Going So Well: Your mother wishes you were more like your brother. Your brother is dead.

Fact: Nudists are never attractive

Realized: Math Problems are the only place where someone can buy 60 watermelons and no one ever wonders why.

To Do List: Change iPod name to Titanic. Sync it to your computer. Find humor in the fact that your Titanc is syncing.

Tips For Success: When a woman is upset with you it is often therapeutic for them to make sandwiches. Try suggesting she make you one.

Definitions: Single (adjective) - A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen. (Note the irony)
by historybuffdude March 19, 2011
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