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A Gross Doughnut is best defined as the act of tag teaming a chick that is not only a close friend of yours but also a close friend of your closest male friend. While tag teaming the bitch ensure to creampie her by blowing an insanely huge load inside her. Use Ropex if you need help. Once this is accomplished one must "high five" the male counterpart and allow him to them creampie the fuck out of her and fill her with cum; ergo...The Gross Doughnut. :) Grats guys, you're official Eskimo Gross Doughnut Brothers.
Jenny: "What's with Sara? She's been in the bathroom all morning...."
Ashley: "Not sure, she said something about having a gross doughnut after meeting up with Craig and Gagandeep last night."
by Post Hoc Mookie November 17, 2016
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