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To be owned, shown up, or humiliated by an opponent, esp. in American football and other sports.

The founder of this term was Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots. In one football game, he dragged James Laurinaitis, who had tried to tackle him, five yards down the field and across the goal line. Gronk got the touchdown and Laurinaitis was "Gronk'd."

The lesson: never try to tackle Gronk, or you'll get Gronk'd.

See Gronked
Jack: hahaha did you see Troy Polamalu try to tackle Rob Gronkowski?

Ana: haha it looks like Gronk is giving Troy Polamalu a piggy-back ride. Man, that poor guy got seriously Gronk'd.
by El Zo March 08, 2014
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Feeling absolutely awful. The feeling you get when hungover or sick and clogged up.
"Dude, down for some lunch?"
"Nah man im absolutely gronk'd."
by clazza October 24, 2016
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