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groups of teens that try to get attention by acting like they are gnarly. usually they obsess over plain-colored tees, buying blades, or talking about how they want to do drugs. for the most part, grom squads are located near beach communities
person 1: wow did those kids really just throw a water balloon at that car?
person 2: yeah, i bet they think they are so g
person 1: they probably do. they must be in that grom squad
by el chupicabra November 07, 2010
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usually located in beach towns and neighborhoods, usually young males in high school who wear plain tshirts carry sick knifes and fuck with the nazbos. in these squads nazbo and hipsters such as matt hecht are not allowed!
look at the gromsquad rolling down the street they are so fucking awesome...unlike that fagget matt hecht
by jewking21 December 29, 2010
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