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teen unhung though confident in his mastery of self stimulation despite several obvious shortcomings.

If your finger can touch your thumb your girth is below average
how's your grip mastery b8r?

Although yearning for escalation from all his fucking homework grip mastery will experience neither handies nor pussy and the only oral activities he'll get will be laughter at his hard below average penis, but he's always down to fap especially encoregasm

With grip master aspirations jizzing a dozen a day he failed to recognize his cock fell short of the five inch average penis length for six months into puberty which is well short of seven inch average penis length.
More laughable still he could tuck two knuckles gripping nowhere near five inch average girth.

A grip master grasps shaft from pelvis up, right hand atop left, leaving no penis exposed. If he had average length there would be some penis exposed -- if he was hung another hand stacked would still leave some penis exposed with fingertip unable to touch thumb.
by heatHerize January 16, 2013
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