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When you put the pedal to the floor and snag the food from the operator of a drive throughs hands.


1.Order your food from and fast food restauraunt that has 2 drive through windows(make sure all of your food only comes in one bag and DO NOT order an ice cold beverage!)

2. Pay for your food like so at the first window.

3 IF there is someone behind you make sure to pull up inbetween both windows so the other customer can purchase there lunch.

4. Wait until the operator of the second window holds the food out the window (they will do this about 80% of the time) and the SECOND you see the food hanging and blowing in the wind you hit second gear going about 35 mph and you rip the food out of there hands)

5. While doing so you must yell GRIP N GO JOHNNNAAAY!!

6. Enjoy your meal!
Mcdonalds Worker 1: why the hell aren't they pulling up to get there snacks?

Mcdonalds worker 2: Try holding it out the window!

by Johnny Ripstick May 27, 2009
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