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The phrase 'Grinder Price' was coined around 8 years ago on an internet forum. Since then it has become something of an institution. Grinder is an active forum user, renowned for his ability to obtain an item or service at a huge discount. This ability is mostly attributed to the level of charisma used when obtaining said goods and services, leaving the vendor completely satisfied in a situation that would usually result in the customer receiving derision after submitting the offer.

Can also refer to the process of fabricating, buying, or constructing an item at a substantially discounted price in comparison to the product as a whole. This entails each piece or section of said product has been bought for costs or less, thus the cost has been ground down, ground out, or costs have been grind away. Thus making an object or product 'Grinder Price' via the method of Grinding away the costs.

Grinder invented the 96p car cover, there is an expensive price, good price, fair price, cheap price, bargain price and then there is Grinder price. Grinder price is always the best price you can get as it is usually either free with NSA or costs less than the fuel you use to get it right, lets use this thread to define 'Grinder price'
Grinder price: A low price paid for an item in which the cost of the item is less than the cost of postage/fuel to get the item back home. A grinder price item is usually an item that is deemed hard to come by or uncommon, which increases the legendarily status of 'grinder price' on an object when bought at a lower price.

Example 1: A mint condition rear spoiler is for sale for £20, the cost of the trip to get the item is £25, this spoiler is therefore at 'grinder price'

Example 2: A genuine ARC TMIC appears on *insert selling place here* this item isn't spotted by anyone and so sells for 99p, not only would this item be at Grinder price, but would also be EPIC WIN

Example 3: Grinder himself designs/invents something that uses other Grinder price objects to create another object/invention that is better than the 2 objects that they started out as, ie synergy.

Example 4: Refusing to purchase an object or service that can be obtianed cheaper elsewhere, even if this causes immeadiate issues or hardship.
by FireflyPoi March 22, 2011
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