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People who are born and raised g's that are reaspected among ang gang no matter what happens. it is a gang that was started in Brooklyn park, minneasota by members named Mugsy,Yung_Czar,Face,black da god,ab,and Jh the street gang iz found over on 69th and N.Grimes right now they are ruling the under ground street activity with similar gangs they are afiliated with for ex. Hbm,Fly boys,Ibs,King Squad,and soon bgs "Black Goony Squad. htey beef with lower class gangs named Cmg,Dukesquad,Renegade,and finally Bang'em squad Squads that remain neutral are Dnd and so far thats it. There are not just in MN they are in Chicago,Lousiana,Atlanta, and New york they have there own music productions Named Gang Green Productions Similar to Breakbread productions. The beef between Cmg And Grime Street mob Gang started by two of Cmgs Goons jumped one of Gsms closest friends and family members in front of there girlfriends and since then they remain beefing. ever since then you can find Gsm movies and mixtapes screaming the streets new slogan Cmgkkkkkkkk. The only Gang in the city that hasn't have anyone been murdered Grime Street Mob Gang.
Wat it is my dude?

It's Grime street Mob Gang.

Thats wat it is?

by King_Czar November 29, 2006
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