The iconic Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal is a common staple of Penn State dining. Everyday, cheerful students walk in one of many of Penn State's commons and come out grim-faced. That's when you know they were grilled chicken thigh halaled. Why? It is not only obsessively re-served over other foods that dining knows students enjoy far more over the poor chickens which probably were not even slaughtered halal-style, it also just does not taste good. Eating cardboard with salt and pepper is more preferable to Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal.

The Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal is a perfect example of one man's trash, another man's trash. To feed the Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal to anyone is essentially the equivalent of wishing them a terrible life.

If you see the Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal, run, and keep your mouth closed. Before you know it, you have a giant chicken thigh inside your throat.
Freshman: "What the hell is this sad compostable pile of shit?"
Senior: "Oh, that's the Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal. We don't talk about the Grilled Chicken Thigh Halal."
Freshman: "Why do they serve it?"
Senior: "Beats me. I'm not gonna miss it when I graduate."
by Lexatic September 23, 2020