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Gridlock delirium is what happens to a person's psyche when they are stuck in traffic for 3 hours or more without movement; often causes the person to text or call people they have not talked to in many years(includes ex's), and often this leads to feelings of regret. After the anger and random texts(calls) have ceased, the person will probably begin to become hungry and/or horny and wish to fulfill their desire with the person behind or in front of them in traffic; once again leading to more regret.
A friend was stuck in traffic so long he started experiencing Gridlock Delirium; he became so bored he started reading his car manual, calling ex's he hadnt talked to in 3 years and eventually scheduling a lunch date with one. The driver in front of him started to seem oddly cute until saw him pour a yellow substance from a coke bottle out of his window.
by Flossy and Flora Faucet July 09, 2010
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