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This is the act of sussing out a Gregg's restaurant (pah!) that has toilets inside and getting your rocks off shagging one of their most prized specialities.
You order a steak-bake then swiftly retreat to the toilets where you sit on teh shitter, bite a hole in the steak-bake, stuff your manhood into the warm steak-bake and do a crap while frantically screwing the steak-bake trying to beat the 'every 15 minute' toilet check off teh pervy cleaner.

Extra points are awarded for diarrhea splttered all over the cubicle.

NB. Be sure to check that you don't cop for the rumoured 'hot lava steak-bake', that's contents is literally hotter than the centre of the earth.
Just last week I was walking thru town and got a massive boner so I went to the nearest Gregg's and ordered a coke with a side helping of Gregg's blunker. Trouble was the cleaner caught me milking my man muscle with the food stuff and he boked all over me. Thus, it was actually a Chunky Gregg's blunker!!!1 Ultra WIN!!!1

by Frederick le Chocco-Goatse December 07, 2007
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