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Greg Theodore Bannit (1932-1967) is a Rapist,serial killer and body snatcher. He killed 12 boys in 3 days, hiding their bodies at the Romeo Lef Cemetary in Russia. He lives in UK. He left Russia in 1959. He raped 7 little girls. And kidnapped 3 children. 1 found decapitated. The other two locked in a basement. Bannit was sent to death row in June 171967 and had his head chopped off in July 3rd. His death row meal was a piece of severed pig limb.
Mr. Bannit scared my 8 year olds Wayne and Lemmit. They read his story when he was still alive. Greg Bannit is a terrible man.
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by Iwritescarystories189 May 13, 2018
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