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called out to people as an insult, meaning more than just a bitch. In some extreme cases, "Green Room Bitch" could be used and shortened to "Green Room B" or "Green Room" as a greeting or a kind gesture.
Insult - "What the fuck was that for you Green Room Bitch!

Greeting - "Sup ma' Green Room B"
- "Sup ma' Green Room"

Seb walks by.....
Smit is sitting down

Smit: Sup Seb
Seb: Sup my Green Room B

Dyet is effing around
Callan and Seb = Victims

Dyet: Hahaha - take that!!
Seb: Errr you Arab, what gives?
Callan: What the fuck was that for you Green Room Bitch!
by I R FISH February 19, 2008
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