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Using full (night before garbage collection) rolling green garbage cans launched at high speeds to cause severe vandalism to cars and property.

Good places for ripe goblins are - houses with baby toys in the yard (diapers), houses with lots of pets, painters houses,

Good places to deploy goblins are long road stretches with rich snoby people

How To - get 4 people in a fast 4 door car, ride around and grab 4 goblins with good wheels - VERY IMPORTANT!!!!, next roll the goblins beside the car with your hand holding the goblin and accellerate to roughly 80-90mph find your targets and let each person release their green goblin. Results will vary every time but the outcome is always the same, if the goblin impacts the taget gets fubared.
yo man, Andy went out to Bartlett in the civic green goblin hunting. I bet he made a mess out of a couple of Escalades
by Joel Bishop January 14, 2007
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