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A marriage of convenience between a legal US citizen and a illegal alien from places such as Russia, India,Nigeria, or Brazil. Usually, they give between 5,000 to 45,000 dollars to marry them and have you sign a contact. People from Latin-America and Caribbean such as Mexicans to Jamaicans pay the lower prices such as 5,000 to 7,000. While Russians and Indians love paying 15,000 and up for a fake marriage. Nigerians and Arabs love paying 17,000 and give you nice cars. But, they are quite bitchy and nagging about the marriage afterwards. Usually these people are way too hot and educated for their American spouses. If they do not get caught by the government within the first year of marriage then you can make a career out of being a Green Card Bride or Husband.
Hot Russian Model Ana marries pimple faced Pizza boy Mike. Now, Mike has condo and new Benz . Geez, this seems like a great green card marriage
by DonaDiabla January 18, 2015
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