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A powerful potent illicit liquor. Often brewed in trash cans or prison commodes, gray drank can consist of any liquid that probably is not a good idea to drink (drain-o, gasoline, windex, various liquid bug sprays, etc.) combined with some form of fortified alcohol. It is reported that one sip of gray drank can instill the drinker with the impression that they are the only black man in the world, regardless of their actual race or ethnicity. Gray drank in large doses can lead to death, vampirism, ED, ADD, ADHD, pneumonia, balding, copraphilia, Gordon's syndrome, illusions of grandeur, shaken baby syndrome, and four hundred and seventeen different kinds of cancer. (also known as Gray Shit, Gray Stank, or Big Buddha Bus Stop)
Man, marty be actin' all crazy, suckin' dick and talkin' nigga. Ain't he a priest?

Oh come on nigga, you lucky he only doin' that shit, dat nigga on sum Gray Drank!
by vincentpricefan September 17, 2008
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