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An Annoying grandma who looks like the Tang commercial orangutan, or an orangutan period. Down to the orange hair and saggy titties. Grandma tang refuses to take a shower for months at a time which causes her crusty pinge to smell, she also will say "Huh?" even though you are not speaking to her. Grandma Tang also will dress like a 16 year old girl wearing daisy dukes and tank tops which show her saggy titties. She also takes way to many pills which causes her to fall asleep while standing at the kitchen sink. From behind it looks like she is eating the silverware from the dishdrain. An all around pain in the ass.
Look at Grandma Tang, she took too many pills and has fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in one hand and a bus pass in the other. I bet her pinge is crust.
by cupcake bitch! June 25, 2011
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