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Someone who supports correct grammar for better communication and less misunderstandings. Usually more laid back than a Grammar Nazi. Includes using correct grammar for ebonics and colloquialisms. Many times a grammar panther may correct by example instead of putting someone on blast.
(internet big-shot): you aint noe who your messin wit. im all ova this errbody noe me. there my people.

(rapping grammar panther): You don't know who you're messin' wit'. Cause obviously, you cain't match my wit. So step back and take a seat. This is a spelling match and you're already beat.

(big-shot): A man you ain't gotta go their. You know my school was busted.

(panther): You're right, I ain't had to go there, my bad.
by coldheart7 March 09, 2013
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