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Not a form of Waffle, sadly.

A term for anyone named Jerry/Jesse/Fabio who is completely deranged and a mere 75% staight. Usually they have lots of friends, are racist, but still pretty damn cool. If you meet them you will want to fuck them on the spot, in every position your twisted mind can think of. They smell good. Constantly depressed at the loss of their 6-pack (beer or abs)

Wants their lawn to be Emo so it will wear tight pants and sing songs about cutting people and dying.

Lots of funto be around, sometimes a bit violent and out of hand. Listens to "Mr. Sandman" "Rock Lobster" "Smoke Weed Everyday" and many other pointless ditties people made while high, or dead. If you took the time to read this you are a Social Ninja, Not a Doodlez, and you need to get a life.

Gets along well with Social Ninja (one of the scarce friends) and Doodlez (one of many, but one of the closest) Defines words like Syphowitz. Needs excessive amounts of masterbation to survive, and contantly wants to sex me up.

Yes oh yes, yes, yes, harder, yes, yes yes...!!!
I love that kid, hes such a Grahffle
by Dally-Doodlez November 05, 2006
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