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Crazy ass song by Triple six Mafia (now known as Three 6 Mafia) with sick ass lyrics by Lord Infamous.
Lord Infamous: Infamous Is Comin Strapped

Like An Italian Arabic Iraqui
I Wreckon Ya South American
Killa Guerilla Columbian Muslim Or Some Loop Maniac
Comin To Rip Yo Damn Head Of Yo Neck Put Yo Heart In The Back
Then I Sprinkle Yo Ashes And Straight To The Head For The Chief

Of The Blunt And The Indicut Down In My Stash
I Reside In The Insane Asylum, The Bodies I Pound Them, On Infamous Island Where Ther is No Smilin', The Niggas Buckwild, The Weapons Are Silenced
Theres Nothin But Violence
Military Barbarian Buck Em And Bury Em, Fuck With The Scarier, Insanitarium, Popper And Carry Em, Theres No Merry Love, Only Murder Blood
Till I Take Something Worse

Outta All Ah These Hollow Points Burst In Disperse,
Goin Through Flesh And Bone Through The Back Of Your Shirt
You'll Be Burnt Up And Buried In Dirt, That'll Work
The Scarecrow Be Smokin These Niggas For Shit
They Cant Get With These Bitches They'll Never Compare
Im Comin From The Land Of Triple-6 Niggas

Still Suffering Everyday That I Swear
I See Them Fuckin Pressin On They Brother Mane
It Happens Everyday Dont Me Grab The Gauge
Dangerously I Play I Best To Kill With Gauge
And Put Yo Body In The Back Of That Gray Chevrolet
by Infamous da Scarecrow January 30, 2012
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