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1. To have a non-gothic look and a gothic personality.
2. To actually have feelings and a nice sense of humor.
3. Someone who looks at things in a bunch of point of views.
4. To be completely different from other labels, and be outcasted for it.
5. Like to think of the dark side of things and most of the time mean thoughts.
6. Someone that does everything optional to extend and be different than the majority of people in the same school and yet act yourself at the same time.
7. Someone who wears black dickies and some weird shirt that says something funny on it and gets along with most people but nobody doesn't give a chance to know he/she.
8. Someone who puts out a false front in school or work to look happy but he/she knows they are decaying on the inside.
Hey look at that one guy over there he acts like a goth but doesn't look like one.
I know he is a gothic outcast.
by Guardian of the Mist September 07, 2006
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