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A game of Epic proportions.
You stand around in a circle with everyone who is playing. Anyone can then make the call of "Goth" on anyone else. For example person 1 can point at person 5 and call "Goth" The "Goth" then has to run for his/her dear life while everyone else then has to chase after the "Goth" whilst shouting "Goth Goth Goth.. etc" abusing them untill deemed they have been thoroughly beaten. After this has happened. The group, regroups and takes a breather waits for previously chosen goth to stop crying and then game resumes.
Goth is not allowed to be called on the same person twice in a row but is allowed to be called on them again after 1 other person has been the goth
Fair play is deemed important to this game, otherwise you could lose friends
Play with real goths for added thrills and excitement
example 1: person 1: "lets play goth goth goth!" person 2: "yeah that game is awesome!" person 3:"GOTH GOTH GOTH GOTH! *points at person 1*"

example 2: "I played goth goth goth once but i wasn't epic enough so when i was the goth I got beat and then i cried"
by Skippy333 August 28, 2009
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