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(Goshin Jutsu) A remnant fighting art of the Yamabushi
(ascetic hermits/mostly shorinji practitioners)(most times outlaws/and or foreign occupants from china) describing spear, staff, and hand fighting techniques. The basis of most modern Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, and even Ninjutsu. This is true dew to the fact that many Yamabushi when having fled into the mountains, or hiding in villages far from reach of any officials, had either taught their techniques to others they felt worthy, or sold the information as A means of survival. Some Yamabushi went on to create many of the early ninja clans.
That guy thought he caught me in A jam, but he didn't know I was skilled in the art of Goshin Jutsu. Now he knows.
by ushuldknobynow April 21, 2010
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