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A particularly annoying form of unsolicited telemarketing in which the recipient is bombarded at least ten times a day by foreign-origin telemarketers (usually Indian/Pakistani but sometimes other Asians), known as goops, who can just barely speak English and have very poor phone manners. Ask them any question about what they are pitching/selling; they “do not understand”, and go right back to their sales pitch.

The term “goop” originally referred to persons with no manners; coined by the American poet Gelett Burgess. It has since become a derogatory term for persons from India due to cultural ignorance/language difficulties on both sides. The level of hostility/inclusiveness to all Asians can be ratcheted up by referring to it as a “Gook Call.”

Usually several goops call in sequence; the more expensive the product they are trying to sell you, the larger the number of goops calling. They claim to have an “exclusive listing/special deal” on whatever they are offering. They also lie shamelessly; anything that they sell to you to will turn into crap immediately after they get what they want (usually your money). If you give them any information about yourself, expect your identity to be stolen as soon as they get what they want. Their “call shops” are ethnic enclaves populated by only one ethnicity of goop, and are often connected with ethnic criminal organizations.
“I keep getting goop calls from a New York City real estate agency trying to sell me property in Florida that turns out to be Everglades swamp lands. They all mispronounce ‘z’ as ‘j’, and ‘s’ as ‘sh.’ The first one turns ‘zero’ into ‘jiro’, and the second one is especially funny when they try to use the word ‘sit’….”
by Disillusioned Dem August 31, 2017
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