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A beloved item or small collection of items you thought you had lost or were out of altogether, but suddenly realize you have just enough of to hold you over. An accidental hoard. Cache by chance. Can apply to anything from overnight items and clothes kept at your mother's house that prove to be a Godsend after a tragic house fire or robbery, to a favorite discontinued HG face cream you come across in a little travel-sized bottle you'd all but forgotten about. A reference to the dramatic last scene of the 1985 film Goonies, where the Walsh's housekeeper realizes Mikey still has a forgotten marble bag of jewels retained in his coat pocket from Willie's ship - after the Fratellis had supposedly stripped the Goonies of all their treasure.
Dancers Candy & Porsche, after security checkpoint at JFK:

Candy: "What am I gonna do? Like, all of my baby oil and glitter spray for tomorrow night's show are gone."

Porsche, squealing: "Girl, check my Spy bag's secret compartment."

Together: "Oooh, Goonie stash!!"

<Loud howling & high-fiving ensue.>
by February 09, 2010
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