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To Google bait is to tempt Google's suggestion bar feature by typing in a random phrase and seeing what it advises you to finish the phrase with and search for. It is a proven cure for boredom, as there is a high frequency of crazy-ass shit showing up.
Jimmy: Yo, what you doin', homeboy?

Johnny: Yo, I'm Google baiting. I'm so bored, I been doin' this shit all afternoon. I typed in "Is George Bush" and google suggested "Jewish?" and "a reptilian?". I nearly died LOLing.

Jimmy: Yo, that's so silly, dude. I mean, everyone knows that Dubya's a reptile, right?
by noah91 November 15, 2009
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(v) The practice of strategically using an oblique reference within your online profile, chat client, group tag or status message-du-jour, the understanding and appreciation of which is likely to require an extensive google search.

The cyberquivalent of Dennis Millering.

officially tallied Wit and Coup scores are dependent on the following conditions:

1. that the reference is sufficiently orthogonal to anything like "common knowledge"
2. that the particular point of the obscure reference is something cool

Extra scoring awarded if:

a) the reference constitutes a double entendre
b) the reference means something different to different people

Not to be confused with googlebating (which uses a whole other set of mouse fingers)

Duran's new status message - "Oh Oh Sugar Spell It Out" 9:05 AM Monday

me: Are you telling the world that you're secretly a gay tween with a deep, dark soul, a hot twin, and thickly calloused fingertips?

me: Or are are you just googlebaiting me?

Sent at 9:26 AM on Monday

by Haneru March 16, 2009
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