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Someone who Google's random information that usually requires a long haul in the education department. They hold the traits of being self-righteous, full of themselves sometimes, and have unrealistic objectives.

A Google Fucktard may (or will) Google things such as the mass of an element on the periodic table, to things like "how fast does an object fall that weighs 200 pounds from a height of 1000ft"?

Google Fucktards usually think they are smarter than you, and usually end their fallacious arguments with "That's right, I'm smarter than you!". They think they are smarter than you because they have the god power of Google to answer their useless fucking knowledge
Person 1: "You should know that there are different levels of Assault charges and you could go to prison since you are a legal adult"

Person 2: "Actually, according to Wikipedia, the charges vary on the infliction of assault on someone. That's right I'm smarter than you"

Person 3: "Yes but there are different variations of Assault. If you punch somebody several times that is attempting to cause bodily harm"

Person 2: "Oh yeh well what's the atomic mass of Plutonium? 244! That's right I'm smarter than you!"

Person 1: "Oh my god what a Google Fucktard"
by I'm smarter than all of you!!! October 12, 2011
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